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Whole Lotta Led

Sail away, leave the day, way up high in the sky

3/23/05 09:51 pm

Goodbye forever, Livejournal. It was fun while it lasted.
Ta, darling.

2/27/05 09:56 pm

I am getting back into the habit of Livejournaling. Myspace is very retarded...but so is LJ. I can't win.

Erika's fiesta last night was very groovy, but my fishnets were bugging the crap out of me! (details, details..) Part of my gift to her was a jar of pickles (watch Dane Cook and you will understand) and Aaron Beym (sp?!!!) rung me up at Farm Fresh. THAT was interesting...

I am in deep shit with DB Maximus. I didn't even do anything! Grr.

Intrusive olds suck. Will write more later perhaps.

2/23/05 08:21 pm - WOW!

I haven't written in this thing ....in forever. People seem to be restricted to MySpace (which a total crap site, but I am addicted to it).

Ring dance just confuses me.....*sigh*

2/11/05 04:17 pm

Haven't written in FOREVER. I guess it's mostly because NOTHING HAPPENS.

I got a Fantastic Falcon award for Math Analysis. YEAH BITCH!!!! I got it because I raised my grade from first quarter to second quarter by 10 POINTS!!!

I rock so much.

iTunes rocks a but more though..


1/31/05 03:52 pm

MySpace.com is the lew Live Journal. It's so true. Nobody updates this thing anymore!!!

Queer Eye for the British Guy ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1/21/05 04:45 pm - shove it up your ass

As if the icing wasn't enough, "God" decided to give me sprinkles on my cake of shittyness.

Two devotchkas from the "Church of Laterday Saints" just came by trying to spread the "word of Christ." I HATE WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want their religion. I don't want their brainwashing. I don't want to "get to know Jesus." I DON'T WANT IT!!!!!!!! I want to be my own little atheistic self.

A note to all missionaries trying to convert me: FUCK OFF AND KEEP GOD TO YOURSELF!

1/21/05 03:29 pm - grahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The whole world has gone completely bonkers. Ugh.

Symphony concert last night: Not too bad. We played really well, except that the song was very boring.

I succeeded in getting car use restricted for the weekend. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot express my anger in writing. I just can't. Arg.

And to add icing to the cake of shittyness, I have to take the SAT tomorrow at the buttcrack of dawn.







1/18/05 03:41 pm - skanky skanky skanky

I felt very skanky today. Oh well.

Just something I've been feelin' lately that I thought was awesome. Natalie Dee RULES.

1/14/05 02:27 pm - skipping!

I skipped school today. >< I know. I am a very bad cat. Yesterday was so freakin slammed that I didn't get to get anything done, and therefore would have been slaughtered by my teachers today. Honestly, the only person who has cut me ANY slack this week has been the guy from FedEx. Cheers to you, mate.

Playing for the old fogues yesterday was actually quite nice. They were very appreciative (even though a couple seemed to have fallen asleep), and we really rocked a couple of songs (the Ravel in particular). They also gave me massive amounts of cookies!!!! I have yet to consume all of them, but they are very tasty. They are made for old people, so they are not crunchy. I don't like crunchy.

I did my laundry and read a lot of Wicked (which is WEIRD). I also played with little Mookster. She can be so cool when she wants to be. I think I am going to watch Return of the Jedi....I didn't finish it last time it was veiwed.

The only bad thing about skipping is that my mom doesn't let me do ANYTHING. It's like she's punishing me for taking a break. Granted, I have missed a few more days than usual this year, but that was all due to sickness. I don't LIKE being sick, so those days weren't exactly fun. Grr.

1/8/05 06:41 pm - pollo loco

Yesterday was cool. Kaite, Kara, Erika, Julia, Eve, and I went to Chik fil' a, and then we hung out at Kara's. I think I drank more soda that day than I have in my entire life. Gah. Erika, Eve, Julia and I went to dinner at the Purple Cow. It was ok. It kinda took forever, but my sandwich was très delectable. Afterward, we went back to Kara's to sleep over. We listened to Shelby's Decrepit Cd's Vol. 3ve and 4x (both of which are freakin awesome). We watched Garden State. It made me cry, but I am a total sap. ><

Today kinda sucked and kinda rocked. I am in such a grumpy mood that it's hard to decide. Sam wanted me to take her to the mall so that she could hang out with her punk friends. Julia went with me and then Eve met up with us later. We went to...just about everywhere. The guy at Sbarros was SO CUTE. I wanted to die. :D

Now I'm getting ready to go to Eve's. The rest of the cult is probably gonna come too. Yay.

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